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Every aspect of wedding like beautiful palanquin, enchanting entertainment programs etc taken care of with an impeccable eye for detail, making your wedding the most fulfilling experience for you and your guests.

Your wedding is once in a lifetime occasion that stays in the memories of all your dear ones who come to bless you on the occasion, making it grand for everyone, a joy you would always re live whenever you'll travel down the memory lane.

In your Endeavour to make every moment of your wedding a truly memorable one, whether you need a little help, or a lot, a theme wedding or a destination wedding – Indian Wedding Planner will save your time, and the stress associated with planning your wedding. The key to our success is our personalized and customized wedding related services for our clients. We believe in considering every project we undertake as a personalized assignment.

We offer highly reliable services for conducting NRI Weddings to the esteemed customers. Moreover, we take all the responsibility of making all the arrangements for whole marriage procedures, along with providing legal documents and assisting the couples in the entire process.

Invitation Card
Invitations is the first step of any occasion to become a success, we at city celebrations make sure that your invites reaches everyone you say and on time you say.










We have multi theme based venues and venues for corporate meeting and events.






Decoration in the most important part of any event, our decorations are considered as per client's requirements and events.






We have in-house team of party entertainers to make sure that you enjoy each and every moment of your stay at the venue.






Pr & media
We handle PR and Media part to, to make sure all the functions goes as decided, PR and media is a important factor for your event and we understand it well.






International events
We are we capable of organizing events of any scale and size, may it be international events, we have experience and efficient to make your event success and memorable.





People may forgot, the décor, arrangements and various other things but taste of food at city celebrations is unforgettable.




Trousseau packing
We are excellent at trousseau packing, whether you want to gift your guest or for any other purpose, we have specialized team t handle you trousseau packing at the event.




Hospitality is something you will surely remember for a very long time with city celebrations.




Family Rituals
We understand the importance of your events and functions, so we make sure every ritual goes as per your idea.






Celebrity & artist management
We do celebrity and artist management to give you a delightful and tension free enjoyment at the event and later.